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Heeres Unteroffiziervorschule cufftitle

Heeres Unteroffiziervorschule cufftitle

Heeres 'Unteroffiziervorschule' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). Nice original example in very good condition!

The "Heeres Unteroffiziervorschule cufftitle" refers to a military insignia associated with the German Army (Heer) during the Third Reich period, which includes World War II. It was worn on the uniform sleeve of individuals who had completed training at a Heeres Unteroffiziervorsc...  read more

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Cased Austrian Occupation Medal

Cased Austrian Occupation Medal

A nice Anschluss Medal with a de-nazified case. Asking price is for the Medal, case is for free. :)

The Austrian Occupation Medal, also known as the Anschluss Medal or the Medal of the March 13th 1938, was a decoration issued by Nazi Germany to commemorate the annexation of Austria (Anschluss) in 1938. This annexation involved the incorporation of Austria into Nazi Germany, and i...  read more

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Sudeten annexation medal with case

Sudeten annexation medal with case

Nice cased Sudeten Medal. Case is de-nazified so our asking price is for the Medal only.
Yes, the case is for free. ;)

The Sudetenland Annexation Medal, often called the Sudetenland Medal, was a decoration issued by Nazi Germany to commemorate the annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938. The Sudetenland was a region of Czechoslovakia with a significant German-speaking popul...  read more

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German LW Plane Engine Hoist

German LW Plane Engine Hoist

A real nice Plane Engine Hoist with its original chains. These hoists were made by “Gebrüders Dickermann” from Bielefeld. It can hoist up to 500kg

No shipping possible due to the heavy weight  read more

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Boxed Iron Cross First Class

Boxed Iron Cross First Class

This is a "non-maker marked" Boxed Iron Cross First Class in a Very Good Condition.

The "Box Iron Cross First Class" likely refers to the case or box in which the Iron Cross First Class, a German military decoration, was presented or stored. The Iron Cross First Class was a prestigious German military award that was first established during the Napoleonic Wars and later reintrodu...  read more

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Cased Wound Badge in Gold

Cased Wound Badge in Gold "107, Carl Wild of Hamburg"

This is a nice boxed Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold made by Carl Wild, located in Hamburg.

The badge and box are in a nice condition. The Hinge has been (wartime) replaced.

The "Verwundetenabzeichen in Gold" is the German name for the "Gold Wound Badge." This military decoration was awarded to members of the German armed forces who were wounded in combat during World...  read more

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Mother's Cross in Gold with box

Mother's Cross in Gold with box

This "Mutterkreuz" is in excellent condition. It comes with the box which is nicely marked with "Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid",

The "Mother's Cross" (in German: Mutterkreuz) was a German decoration awarded during the Nazi era to mothers who had given birth to a certain number of children as a means of encouraging population growth and promoting a "traditional" family structure. Th...  read more

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Spanish Breast Star

Spanish Breast Star "Al Merito En Campana" 1936-39

This Breast Star is in a Wonderfull condition, The roughly 2.75 inch diameter medal features a guided cross affixed to a larger eight-sided brass star. On the cross is a red, white, and blue enameled seal of the order. This Medal was also awarded to German soldiers of the Condor Legion.

The Spanish phrase "AL MERITO EN CAMPANA" translates to "FOR MERIT IN CAMPAIGN" in English. It...  read more

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Gebirgsjäger Cap Badge

Gebirgsjäger Cap Badge

The Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss flower cap badge is a distinctive emblem associated with the German Gebirgsjäger, which were mountain troops in the German Army. This badge is known for its association with the rugged and elite mountain warfare units of the German military.

The Gebirgsjäger units were known for their distinctive uniforms and equipment tailored for mountain warfare. The...  read more

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DRK Nurse Member Badge

DRK Nurse Member Badge

The Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK), or German Red Cross, has a long history of providing humanitarian aid and medical services.

This Member Badge is a medium-sized version that features several engravings:

Bearer's Number "135", Town "Magdeburg" and Maker's Mark "A. Stübbe - Berlin"

These badges were an important part of the uniform and identification ...  read more

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