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Luftwaffe Gestirnspeilscheibe PS10

Luftwaffe Gestirnspeilscheibe PS10 with PS10/k Transportkasten FL23265-1.
Maker marked "gzy" which is Albert Patin.

The set is complete and in a never been used condition.

Code: 18160

1200.00 EUR

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Third Reich Train Eagle

Very nice big train eagle (60cm span width)

Clearly marked "PS Lok 600" and a mark for the material that's being used: "Gal-Mg-Si"

It's also factory stamped "RZA BERL"

The eagle is in a never been used condition.

A very nice and decorative and rare item!

Code: 18159

2900.00 EUR

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US WW2 MP Armband (Military Police)

Nice wool MP armband with a couple moth holes.

Code: 18158

50.00 EUR

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Luftwaffe LKPW101 Leather Flight Helmet

A very nice Leather Flight Helmet. Complete with all the wiring, throat mics & straps.

Code: 18156

375.00 EUR

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Luftwaffe Second Model Dagger - Eickhorn

A nice dagger in a nice used condition.

Code: 18153

575.00 EUR

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